I work with Conscious Connected Breathwork, Holotropic Breathwork, Functional breathing for Wellbeing and Nervous System regulation to enable clients to feel integrated-Body, Mind & Soul

Breathwork in Tunbridge Wells & London & LA

I offer breathwork sessions in London and Tunbridge Wells. I hold group sessions and have very limited availability for 121 appointments in Tunbridge Wells, London and East Sussex.

The breath, for me, is a key somatic component of psychotherapy and coaching. In our life, breathing is the first thing we do and it is the last. It is also the first thing to become dysregulated as we go through life. Bringing our breath into conscious awareness is how we start to deeply connect with our day to day aliveness.

When things hurt us, shock us, traumatise us, we hold our breath and very often we don’t let it out. We swallow it down, resulting in breathe patterns designed to hold our pain in, to hold the unspoken word in, to hold the anger in, it allows us to hold our trauma tightly coiled inside. This impacts so much of how we move through the world, our posture, our nervous system, our relationships, our behaviour and the choices we make.

Breath therapy, is a key somatic therapy for making us feel more comfortable in our own skin, our own bodies and our lives. I offer full spectrum breathwork from functional breath to breathwork for relaxation and connection through to conscious connected breathwork which is a powerful healing and somatic therapy.

Conscious Connected Breathwork 

Conscious connected breathwork is a deep dive into your body, creating the space for incredibly powerful healing to take place. This style of breath is an ancient style of breathwork and is deeply transformative. It charges our system to allow content to emerge, this leaves us able to integrate and process in a safe and held environment.

This breathwork practice enables us to integrate unprocessed memories and experiences, feel repressed feelings, and connect to our bodies in a way that we may never have done before. It relieves stress and tension, strengthens our nervous system, improves our relationship with self, and has a host of additional health benefits.

For me, this breathwork practice helps clients get to the places that talking alone cannot. It is a bottom-up approach, meaning from the body first, which by nature gets to the deeply-rooted parts of us that the mind avoids. It bypasses our ego and allows us to freely explore our psyche, while helping create a sense of safety in our bodies.

I offer these conscious connected breathwork sessions in groups in London, Tunbridge Wells and I do a few retreats a year. They also form an integral part of my psychotherapy treatment, and I will offer private, one-to-one sessions when I have availability. 

Breath Clinic 

The breath clinic I offer is a once-off consultation where I can analyse your breath patterns and your posture. By creating the right frame for the breath, you can free up space to experience functional breathing. After the consultation, you will receive an assessment. I will also give you exercises to do in your own space and time, as well as a plan to help you improve your breathing going forwards.

A pink organic circle representing concious connected breathwork, holotropic breathwork, breathwork in tunbridge wells and a breath clinic
A pink organic circle representing concious connected breathwork, holotropic breathwork, breathwork in tunbridge wells and a breath clinic

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